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The non-chorus part of the song that's being amended to a dirty lyric version
Man 1: "Yo dude, why are you looking at Katy Perry lyrics"
Man 2: "I'm writing the first perverse"
Man 1: "Do you ever feel like a plastic slag... that's redonk man!"
by al-co-hol July 01, 2011
Modern dance crazed zombies, who shake people to death with their funky hips and high kicking feet.
Relax mate, you ain't gonna get eaten, and we can run away quickly, they're zumbies, let's disco our way to safety
by al-co-hol June 13, 2011
The act of filling your purse, wallet or other money holding device to such an extent that it explodes at the seams or displays an excessively unwieldy and tatty nature.
I was following this lass down the road today and I got all her money when her purse exploded... serves her right for such pursecution with all them store cards etc
by al-co-hol May 30, 2011
hitching a sly lift on the back of a passing vehicle, such as a tractor or golf cart, when riding your bicycle.
dude, you look fresh after your 25 mile bike ride" "yeah man, i pulled some sweet hitch-biking the whole way!
by al-co-hol April 22, 2011
A form of whiplash that one obtains from a dog's tail as it climbs over you on the sofa, wagging excitedly in your general direction.
"Hey Bruce, what's with the neck brace?"
"Spaniel to the neck mate, a bad case of waglash"
by al-co-hol January 17, 2015
an injury sustained after throwing your head back when laughing so hard you bust a gut.
ah man, that dude was so funny i got whiplaugh!
by al-co-hol February 25, 2011
The art of simultaneously folding and munching your food, mostly leggy awkward salad leaves, such that the immediate exterior of your mouth represents a leafy mash-up of modern art and spittle.
"So Janice, why was your date with Brian not very good?"
"He ordered the rocket and walnut salad, and performed exceptional oralgami on it by making a perfect replica of a duck's bill. Unfortunately a saliva covered nut came loose and that's just too far on a first date!"
"Oh no, that's like watching a car in a junkyard crusher with a screw loose!"
by al-co-hol July 20, 2013

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