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Sexual act in which a male withdraws just before climax and, not possessing the control to target his ejaculate on typical female anatomy targets (buttocks, stomach, breasts, face), he unintentionally loses his load on his own pants.
Attorney: "Why couldn't you be the father of Karen Sypher's aborted child?"

Rick Pitino: "Because I pulled a Sticky Ricky."

Attorney: "What? What is that? Please explain to the court."

Rick Pitino: "I spilled my load down the front of my $6000 suit pants before I could move around to unload on her leathery breasts. So the kid ain't mine."

Attorney: "Whoa, wait a second. You only penetrated her for 15 seconds, and yet still managed to ejaculate on yourself?"

Rick Pitino: "Yes."

Attorney: "Dude...."
by al purnell's italian sausage July 29, 2010
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