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6 definitions by al gee

Monica Degree - when someone gets a degree by blowing professors.
Judy has an MA in Communications, but it’s a Monica Degree.
by al gee January 06, 2008
11 9
someone who is always slow starting anything. dilly-dallying
That girl sure takes a long getting ready for a date. What a dallying dilly!
by al gee March 05, 2008
3 3
shed fake tears to get your way, or make people think you care.
That cop killed the guy and then pulled a Hilary in court.
by al gee January 11, 2008
1 1
artwork, or music that is edgy.
Carla F's photos are adgy.
by al gee August 21, 2007
3 4
Ivory Flake - 99 and 44/100% pure flake
That Ivory Flake got drunk and drove into the lake.
by al gee January 06, 2008
0 6
noun - a group of girls. more than three, but less than ten.
that giggle of girls was having a shopgasm all day long!
by al gee April 28, 2007
37 73