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During the span of the homosapien creatures and his predecessors, people of great thirst were amongst them. Naturally, the winter would kill them off, but some would resort to herbs and leaves to seduce alpha males main female companions. Unfortunately this common house hold pest has not been eliminated and during recent times, (most notably the during the 20th century and on going years) was the real "renaissance" for the thirsty akram. As time passes there came a period of time where they really didn't care what others thought (YOLO). This movement has been growing ever so strong and a new strain of thirstyness has prevailed with the advent of Facebook and the ease of stalking girls. It has been coined as being in a state of "Akram".

Akram is a word used in ancient text by during the Sumerian civilization in 4000 B.C. Archaeologists uncovered a tablet artifact depicting an a male who is consumed by Akram, within the midst of two females. Historians express that the hieroglyphics illustrate that this man has preconceived notions of sexual intent before meeting the females and thus is in an intense thirsty state using any means possible to attract a woman to copulate with him. However, this delusional psychological state in both historical and hegemonic beliefs fail to provide the individual who has succumbed to Akram with a sexual partner.
Male 1 Observing: Why is he acting in an strange manner?

An dialogue example within a modern social setting:

Male 2 Observing: Can't you see he is in a state of Akram, he thinks he can get some strawberry shortcake that way.

Male 1: What the deuce...

Male Affected by Akram: You guys looked at my girls, why did you cockblock me?
by akram April 17, 2013
Arabic: Teneen
Translation in English: Dragon
A dragon is a huge, winged lizard capable of exhaling a stream of fire. Only a few dozen of these ancient creatures exist, but they have long life spans and are very difficult to kill.
by Akram January 13, 2005

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