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5 definitions by akirafire

when you spit on your on the other persons genitals, mouth or anus to provide lubrication
i gave her a courtesy spit her pounine wouldn't burn up.
by akirafire June 24, 2008
15 2
vagina, female sex organ,
The girl got a tight pounine
by akirafire June 26, 2008
1 0
sell drugs illegally on someone else's turf
Son, I go into his projacks and i still eat food. Ni**a like me be starvin' mein.
by akirafire July 10, 2008
5 6
not a knock out punch , but damn close
Yo i rolled up on son, and I was like booboop next thing he knew he was on the floor
by akirafire July 10, 2008
3 5
a wicked dump that streaks the toilet
Damn that fish is killing my stomach, I feel a greaser coming on.
by akirafire July 10, 2008
9 83