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2 definitions by akaracquel

Trying to look for something, an item (anywhere, usually in the house) ..but you can't find it, so you ask your spouse for help. Upon asking your spouse for help, the spouse points to the item that you were looking for, which is usually standing right in front of your face.
After your spouse points to the item you were looking for, and it happens to end up being right in front of your face, you exclaim something like,

"Oh! I must've had a case of Domestic Blindness!!"

If you are well paired with your partner, your spouse will usually LMFAO, together with you.
by akaracquel March 02, 2013
Homeloaners are people who think they own a home ...but haven't actually finished paying off the mortgage.
It is common for homeloaners to think they're home owners, because they are no longer renting a property as a tenant.
by akaracquel August 10, 2013