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5 definitions by aka GOD

Asshole of the grandest kind.
George W. Bush.; George H.W. Bush
by aka GOD January 22, 2005
Inspector Gadget expression.
"WOWZERS! Dr. Claw is at it again Penny!"
by aka GOD November 18, 2004
Internet porn biller
"Nutbilling dinged my card again! I should have read the terms and conditions, I didn't know that free trial turned into a $99 monthly membership!"
by aka GOD November 18, 2004
Faded & Loaded aka Drunk & High
Damn, it's only 11 and I'm floated!
by aka GOD February 19, 2005
The second half of the name Benjamin, said with a purposefully mexican pronunciation of the J as an H. Used to annoy friends and coworkers who despise being referred to as an inner mucus membrane of the vagina.
Hey Ben Hymen, did you watch the OC last night?
by aka GOD November 17, 2004