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2 definitions by ak2581

Patented by celebutantes such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, a "publicity cunt", is a public display of twat... usually seen when exiting a vehicle while wearing a mini-skirt. Of course, they act as if they are completely shocked by this "unintended display(wink wink)"...but in reality it is a publicity "stunt"...and since the main focus lies down under... I've decided to call it a publicity cunt. It could also be called a "publicity stunt cunt." LMAO, where to I come up with this shit???
"Lookout Paris, Britney just one-upped you with a brand new publicity cunt!"

"I sure hope the next publicity cunt is Angelina Jolie; Paris and Britney got nothin' on her."

"Meg Ryan is getting a bit old, she'd probably need a publicity stunt cunt."
by ak2581 March 23, 2007
over-the-counter pain reliever w/ sleep aid (a.k.a. tylenol p.m., hence the "TP")
"I know we been up for a minute (a.k.a. a few days/weeks) on this ice, but we'll have us a couple (a.k.a. couple dozen) drinks and a few TP, pass out for a couple hours, and we're good to go."
by ak2581 March 07, 2007