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When a man ejaculates on a womans ass and sticks himself to her ass. Then when the cum dries between them, he fucks her once more.
Yo, i gave her a mongolian sticky bun last night.
by ajmeeh6842 December 18, 2009
The act of pulling the scrotum skin overtop of the penis and nuts. Doing this correctly it should be shiny and resemble a silk purse.
TONY DANZA!!! silk purse
by ajmeeh6842 December 21, 2009
to have something stolen or to be robbed. to steal or have stole.
someone ghetto'd my TV

I got ghetto'd walking down the street yesterday

I'm gonna ghetto that guys car.

I ghetto'd that chicks purse
by ajmeeh6842 January 18, 2010
peace can be used to describe a state of tranquility or can also be used interjectionally as a request, greeting or farewell.
aight dash. peace
by ajmeeh6842 January 03, 2010
A trail to the promise land. Ending into a great forest and a difficult journey in which the pursuit of manhood starts and shows.

it's the hair from your belly button to the patch. I was just making wired for everyone reading it.
something women shouldn't have. if women have a happy trail. ewwwww
by ajmeeh6842 January 17, 2010
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