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A spoilt stuck up madam with no friends, life or family who judge people less attractive than themselves on Britain's Got Talent.
Have you ever judged a book by its cover? No, I'm not a heartless 0:46 girl.
by ajjcj September 23, 2010
An evil little slag who judged a book by its cover. 1:24 girls snarl in an evil manner at less attractive looking people as they aim to start their dreams.

1:24 girls are not very nice or attractive people - they are generally just vile scum.

They also known as '0:46 girl'
Have you ever judged a book by its cover?

No, I'm not a spiteful 1:24 girl
by ajjcj September 23, 2010
Deutschstan is the shortened name for Germany when the Turks take over, and the Federal Republic of Germany is renamed The Islamic Republic of Deutschstan.
It won't be long before those nazis get their just-deserts and will be renamed Deutschstan.
by ajjcj March 14, 2010
Stupid, illiterate, nazi subhuman scum bags also known as "Germans"; "Scum"; "nazis" "Jerry's" or "filth"

Krauts are responsible for almost every single evil crime in the world, including the murders of 60m innocent people in Europe.

Krauts are the most ugly, most stupid, most evil people in the world who are, in simple terms, illiterate rats who are all sad, lonely, pathetic excuses for human beings who are unable to be human.

Hey. How are you?

I'm good thanks, just a little bit depressed after reading up on world war two.

Yeah, those krauts have really lived up to their evil name. Stupid, evil subhuman scum.
by ajjcj August 16, 2010

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