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2 definitions by ajdean389

the act of smash'n while the guy is standing up and the girl is face down. the act usually requires atleast one pillow, incredible strength, endurance, and sometimes too much swag for any girl to handle. a legendary form of sex and cannot be described as anything less than a smash
Travis) Did you hear about Bob's three-way last night?
Kyle) ....Three-way? Fuck that shit. Did you hear about Al's VERTICAL SMASH!?! Girl couldn't walk straight for a week.
by ajdean389 January 11, 2010
a mustache that kills your game unless you're vertically smash'n, swagged out, cowboy dean... with a 'stache.
Guy) Hey babe, wanna go back to my place later tonight?
Girl) Sorry, you don't have enough game to where a merk-stache.
by ajdean389 January 11, 2010