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In computer engineering, a bug which some claim to have seen, but most have not, and doubt it's existence. i.e. the computer engineering version of bigfoot.
Phil claims there is a bug in our interrupt handler. Only he has seen it, and he's having a hard time reproducing it... this one is a real bugfoot.
by ajd6460 May 13, 2010
A common way of men (especially American men) being treated by women, whereby the man is valued not for who he is, but for the role that he fulfills in the woman's life. Similar to the way some men treat women as a sex-object.
Wow, Julie has no clue as to what her husband wants or needs, it's all about her. The poor guy is a total relationship object.
by ajd6460 April 24, 2010
Tiny Brained Wiper of Other People's Bottoms (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the French guy insulting King Aruthur)
Up yours, you TBWOOPB!
by ajd6460 April 25, 2010

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