45 definitions by ajaw

Fucking hippies who deserve to be beaten with 2x4s.
'OMFG! Stop the evilness! We must stop eating meat, stop cutting down trees and stop doing many things vital to our way of life.'

'STFU hippie.'

*shoots hippie*
by AJAW August 09, 2004
The definition of supergaymo.
Lacoste shirts are supergaymo.
by AJAW April 02, 2005
There are two types of feminists. One is the normal feminist. They are the type who want equal rights for men and women. They are typically agreeable. However, if things do not go their way, they may become the second type, known as the feminazi. The feminazi wants all men to die, which is a paradox, because society would not be able to reproduce without both men and women.
"What a bitch! She's such a feminist!"

"No, she's a feminazi."
by AJAW December 03, 2004

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