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wherein, a man rams his penis into the back of a woman's throat as he ejaculates causing cum to come out the woman's nose.
sorry about that dry nozzle, dear.


here comes the dry nozzle!
by aj phelps March 29, 2004
the act of a woman deficating while receiving anal sex.
man, that bitch at the party last night gave me the belgian popsicle... i kinda liked it.
by aj phelps March 30, 2004
where a man gives anal to a woman while there is already a sex toy inside the anus(usually a dildo or vibrator).
man, getting 2nd born is a little bit of allright.


when he gave me 2nd born last night, he really tore my o-ring.
by aj phelps March 29, 2004
a position in a bisexual threesome where a man inserts his penis into the rear of another man who, in turn, is engaging in anal sex with a woman at the same time.
A.J., Drew, and Erika enjoy greek style on a regular basis.
by aj phelps March 28, 2004

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