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Your only means of escaping any situation succesfully.
Example 1:

Man: Dude, it's the cops!
Friend: Run.
by aisushukun January 03, 2008
A technique in the new game for the Nintendo Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's simliar to the jump grabs in Melee. There are multiple ways of doing it: While running, let go of the analog stick and press and shield for as little and one frame and press A. If you don't let go of the analog stick you'll get the full running grab. You can actually do with w/o letting of the analog stick but for that you have to shield for a bit longer. Probably 3-5 frames.
Tom is a gimp for Shield Cancel Grabbing.
by AisuShukun February 07, 2008
Your excuse for everything. No matter the situation when prompeted with a "How/Why/When/Who/Where/ Did you...?" Question, just replace the "Did" with "Didn't"
"How did you see her boobs!?"

"How didn't I see her boobs?"

by aisushukun January 03, 2008
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