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One who is overly protective of their foods, especially Twinkies, hence the name.
Keith: Hey, can I have a Twinkie or some Fruit Loops?
airsoft guy: Fuck off, no Twinkie for you! And get the fuck out of my house!
Keith: Dude, you're a Twinkie Nazi.
by airsoft guy July 06, 2004
Slang for someone who has been eaten by another person.
airsoft guy: Dude, did you hear that Phil was killed the other day?
Tristan: No shit? How?
airsoft guy: His neighbor turned him into a Vegas sausage.
by airsoft guy June 27, 2004
Word meaning homosexual. It is derived from the word fruit. The spelling was changed in order to end confusion over what a person was talking about.
Tristan: I have to get my homework done so I can watch the two-hour final episode of "Friends!"
airsoft guy: Dude, you're a froot.
by airsoft guy May 06, 2004

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