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the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. is extremly hot and athletic. he's super popular but doesnt care at all. he's sick of all of the "cool" kids and is trying to drift away. loves football and wants to go pro. also is a very good actor.
by airplanes34 June 20, 2010
a very pretty girl who is a good dancer and very flexible. usually has dirty blonde hair. very nice but can turn her back on you at times. a true friend though. very funny and crazy. can obsess over things at times but still is amazing.
Bradley: i want naomi to do the splits for me.
by airplanes34 June 20, 2010
a pretty girl. you can trust her with some secrets but not big ones, she'll tell someone. she thinks very highly of herself and tends to lie alot. she wants to be popular more than anything. is very funny and crazy.
by airplanes34 June 20, 2010

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