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The largest and arguably the most powerful ground-based unit in the US military + World.
Their operation is very wide-ranged - from basic infantry to specialized infantry to Armor, such as the 75th Ranger Regiment, the Green Berets, and the 1st Armor Division.

Asides from ground operations, the Army is also varied by their involvment with sea and air. The Army (aviation) has more aircraft, though mostly helicopters, than the Airforce; and the Army has more boat/ships than the navy. And hell, the Army has more ground forces than the Marines. This explains the outnumbering of casualties in iraq over the other branches - Army does a hell of a lot more in Iraq.

The Army also acts a school for many different branches of the military. Marines take part in airborne school, air assault, ranger school, armor center, and etc. Army, seen in iraq, are sometimes attached to Marine units for support. The US Army has been actively been training the newly assembled Iraqi Army.

We get deployed. And keeping the 7 army values in heart, I do my job in the most efficient manner. I engage in my tasks, with only one thing in mind - warrior ethos. I come back home, and I am reward from the sweet taste of freedom. HOOAH!

Paul R Smith, a soldier in the US Army, was awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest valor in the US which is approved by the president, for his incredible display of Army values in the War of Iraq.
Ex: I want to be an Army Airborne Ranger! HOOAH!

Person 1: Did you hear? Paul R Smith, knocked out a whole iraqi platoon by himself!!!
Person 2: Yea, an Army guy! He should be rewarded the Medal of Honor.

Soldier 1: Dude, true story man. This guy in the 101st airborne, he ran out of ammo, so he started to throw rocks at the insurgents. When the firing stopped, he realized that his shoulder had been shot.
Soldier 2: SHIT! Those 101st guys are insane.

Marine (Brother): You should have joined the marines, you sissy!
Soldier (Me): I'm a Ranger officer, bro. I trained for almost 3 years, which is helluva lot more than what you did. And supposedly my deployment is longer than yours. And hell, the insurgents aren't going to be easier on me b/c I'm wearing the green... so how does that make me a sissy?
Marine (Brother): ...
by airbornext September 18, 2006

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