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n.; plural, San Angehoes

1. San Angeloans' slang for a ho or a bitch. Used as a derogatory remark.
People who generally use this word hail from Angelo State University or Howard College.
1. "Man, Graham's was rocking last night! Brought me back a San Angeho!"

"San Angelo sucks, nothing but a bunch of San Angehoes!"

"Dude, that girl suck dick like a San Angeho."
by air22 August 17, 2006

Usually a sarcastic remark to a very lame joke. Can be used immediately after the punchline or a brief pause after the punchline---timing is of the essence. Originally coined in some cartoon I can't remember.
Mr. X: "Knock, knock..."
Mr. Y: "Who's there?"
Mr. X: "Anita."
Mr. Y: "Anita, who?"
Mr. X: "Anita Bath! ......zing!"
*Y punches X*
by air22 August 18, 2006

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