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a beautiful creation,sassy,sexy and unique.the most openminded,thoughtful,couragous girl you will ever meet,even when shes down ,she will put her own troubles aside to flee to a friend in need!shes honest but brutal,witty and entertaining,reliable and generous,the most friendliest and caring person u could want to know!!at night her alter ego comes out and she likes that sense of danger,acts on impulse and will do anything to reach the extreme ,shes popular and alot of people want to be around her,shes also moralistic and will tell you straight,she treats people how she wants to be treated herself.shes independent and strong minded,and likes to have freedom for fun!but if she falls in love with you,be ready for ur life to change while she takes your mind to diferent places
(fun), (freedom), (sexy), (entertaining), (witty), (unique)(insependent), (danger), (aimee)
by aimslittleworld December 23, 2012
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