1 definition by aimme dudevant

The "cock handshake" is how the modern man introduces himself to a woman online. When men no longer rely on their wit and personality to woo a woman and succumbs to just showing her a picture of his cock to say hello!

A "cock handshake" is when a man has been sexually stimulated by the thought of a possible meeting with a woman and the bloodflow to his head is severly redirected to his penis and has left him forgetful of his native language. In this moment, it is in his mind, completely rational to introduce himself to said woman, by showing her his erection.
Hi I am a single white female seeking a nice, fun loving man to share some quality time with. Send me an email with a picture and let's see if we have a match.

Response: Picture of a cock "cock handshake"
by aimme dudevant July 01, 2012

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