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a derogatory term used for a member of the male sex with a long, thin member (see needledick). The word has the added effect of implying that the person also masturbates.
"i bet he's a total stringpincher- but i guess that's better than choking the chode."
by aila August 04, 2005
both emotionally and physically attractive. should only be used to describe males.
"definately saxive. I could totally date him.'
by aila August 05, 2005
the act of masturbating. the reference is to the hand gesture made to imply masturbation, which greatly resembles the shaking of dice.
"oh man, I'm so horny right now. I think I'll go gamble in the back room. Maybe I can find some of my brother's playboys."
by aila August 04, 2005

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