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Loyola Senoir High school located in the heart of towson. The full boy school with the motto of "Men for Others" lives up to this simply homo erotic slogan. Most of the guys in the closet tend to hide behind the partly shaggy hair, the pink shirts, and leather lofers. If you do not own some form of SUV you are shot on location in the parking lot, and if no "loyola" or "roll dons roll" logo is placed on the rear window you are manditorily whipped infront of all to see. Your mom must drive a suburban and if you have a sister she must go to maryvale or NDP. Dating hold other guidlines including; must be anorexic, must tan daily, MUST attend private school or dad must make over 100,000 a year, ribbons must be worn and jewlery oversized. Kairos is just a big circle jerk of guys finding thier "inner selfs" or their roomies asshole. If you dont play a sport you are seen as a loser, and if you dont get into college you must be kicked out to local public schools (see Dulaney). Hence when you enter college (VT, MD, or JHU the only frat you allowed to join is one with other loyola boys. Get comfy because after you marry your NDP/MVP girlfriend the cycle begins again and you will liveout your only high school sports career through them.
Hey which one of those lacrosse teams is in the lead?
Loyola, but they got banned because the ran a drug test and they are all coke heads
by ahme April 23, 2005
A school located off cowpen road where it is similar to maryvale but more stds. The females who attend make out with each other constantly at parties for attention of private school boys, but swear that when they do it at sleep overs it's not an act of lesbianism. Eating disorders are extremly common and the tannerexics run free throughout the hallways. Ribbons and wearing clothing you would see at a elementary school are the "cool" thing to do, and everything in ones wardrobe must be pink or plaid. Daddies credit card runs up their bills at cohens and their moms old jeep grands are the only cars these girls CANT drive. Martini symbols are spotted constantly but no one at this school coul possibly handle that amount of liquor, the only thing they drink are thier boyfriends bud light or whatever fruit drink they can make from the fridge with some form of smirnoff in it. Anal sex is seen constantly but never discuss, nor is the entire loyola class the screwed at the field party in march. These closet whores and wanna be surfers (the is NO east coast surfing in Ocean city you dumb whores) only go to college to join a sority but never actually o anything with their lives but marry thier private school boyfriends and create an other generation of even sluttier stranger f-ups.
Hey I heard there is an NDP party tonight.
Yea its just ike a dulaney party just less beer and more stds
by ahme April 24, 2005
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