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the best fucking show ever.
"Special? Like eat the paste special?"


I have fulfilled my whacking quoata for the week.
by ahhhhh March 18, 2005
like wuz up wat ya doin how ya doin
ya mean ya mean wuzzzzzzzz good
by ahhhhh December 09, 2004
a cool bitch wit a couple of friends called metal soldiers
shizzie raw is a stupid fuckin word
by ahhhhh December 10, 2004
one stupid fuck who carrys around an unloaded gun and goes to an all boys gay skool also he does crack and heroin and takes it up the ass
he took it in the he must be an amwakx then
by ahhhhh December 10, 2004
the stupidist shyt ever invented everyone should just stop and do drugs
mah fucka fuck sports ya mean
by ahhhhh December 09, 2004
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