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Guys, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop being so racist to these people.
I live in the middle east and i have ALOT of arab friends, and they are GOOD PEOPLE. Most of them speak english so i was able to interact with them easily. They are NORMAL people, just like Americans, or people from Britain, or people from Canada, or WHATEVER. They laugh, they joke, they socialize, they go to school, they have jobs ( and let me add that most of them do their jobs WELL), they are NOT terrorists, and just cuz someone is arab, doesnt mean theyre not a good person. Yeah, some people have done bad stuff, like murder, or suicide, or robbery, but every country has that. EVERY SINGLE ONE, OK? Andd I know when you all think of arabs, you picture someone in ur head, wearing some sort of rag on their head, waving a stick in the air and screaming " F$(#$ AMERICA!" I dont blame you. This is what all the (FAKE) news reports say about them, but have u actually met, or spoken to, an average arab? Probably not. So stop judging them, please. Theyre nice people.
" Hey, why were ya speakin to him? He's a freaking arab."
" So?"
" Theyre terrorists!!"
" Nah, hes a nice guy."
" But he's arab"
" Doesnt mean he's a bad person."
" Well... ok"
by ahemahem December 31, 2009

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