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a catholic school in downingtown. the school is home to a bunch of shannahoes. this school fucking sucks because all the kids there are kids who wish they could be a gangster from coatesville. but really they are all these white kids who come from families with money who think that drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex are bad. all the shanahoes try to rebel and act like badasses because they wish they could be like a coatesville kid. but they arent. bishop shanahan blows.....a lot.
Kid 1: I met this kid that goes to Bishop Shanahan. He seems pretty cool.
Kid 2: Are you fucking kidding me? Shanahan is for Shanahoes.
Kid 1: No, hes really cool.
Kid 2: Does he act like a gangster?
Kid 1: Well, sort of.
Kid 2: Then he fucking sucks.
by ahdfjk;la sdhf September 16, 2007

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