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The condition that one gets into, after having been camped out in, and therefore exposed to, the elements for several days, and having consumed considerable amounts of alcohol at a summer festival or show.
Look at ............ he's been here all weekend, and has achieved Muddyhell


Try to ignore...... he's gone to Muddyhell


by ahay! July 12, 2010
The art of getting drunk, then lost, at a show or festival. Eventually turning up some hours later with dirty feet, a pocket full of traders business cards, and no memory of how or why.
Where's .......?

No idea he's gone completely battlebus.


Have you seen ........?
Nope he's gone Battlebus last I time I saw him he was tucking into a colostomy bag of wine


Don't worry about ................ he's gone Battlebus again
by ahay! July 12, 2010
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