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2 definitions by ahar

When you place pepper, or another type of nasal passage irritant on the tip of your member, and while the victim is sleeping, you place your junk under their nose, this will cause them to sneeze, as soon as their mouth opens, you slam that pants pepperoni into their oral cavity.
Nolan: "dude, what were you doing in my mom's room?"

Austin: "dog, i totally just sneezing weaseled your mom!"

Nolan "what the fuck i thoght we were friends!"

Austin: "i guess not because she loved it so she gave me a

key to the house, i will be back....with pepper"
by ahar April 25, 2010
While having sweet doggy style intercourse with a female, you proceed to deficate in your hand and toss it up into the ceiling fan, thus creating a hail storm of feces.
I was totally porking susan last night and i decided to hank aaron hailstorm that hoe!
by ahar April 25, 2010