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A 14 year old girl that wishes she was an accepted member on RC, but the only place she is accepted at is ReC; the downfall filled with children of the age 12-18 who are obsessed with porn.

Her daily life consists of waking up (why can't she die in her sleep?) and jumping onto her computer for a good fingering session while she watches some of her favorite porn (don't they start out young?) then she will waltz onto MSN and link her online porn watchers (friends) to the sexiest video she has ever seen, while she presses the keys with her vag infected fingers.
She'll then log onto mara when she realizes her bodily needs are happy and will try to be ttly cool and outstanding, when really, everyone outside of ReC is laughing at her stupidity.
"I just finished watching porn. I, Nico, adore it"
by ahahahasuckerr August 22, 2009
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