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Farsi for marijuana...
Jamshid: Koskesh! C'mon! Lets go smoke some of that yonjeh in your new hookah set!

Farid: Yeah, let's smoke that yonjeh with some apple favor too!
by aguynamedandy September 22, 2005
Some hop hop artist out there that says nigga way too fuckin much just because he is half black half puerto rican.
Hi i am fat joe and i say nigga more than every full black rapper out there. i would rather be much better sayin chinga tu madre, puto!
by aguynamedandy July 31, 2005
Deragetory term for white people in Farsi.

It litteraly means 'white'.

When used, it is supposed to mean 'whiteboy'.

Hey, salom sefeed, khoobi?
by aguynamedandy October 29, 2005
R&B is a form of music that is closely related to pop, rap, and hip-hop. R&B is similar to rap except that instead of rapping, there is singing. But there is a beat in the back. Many times will an R&B siinger feature a rapper/hip-hop artist, and vice-versa. R&B can be relaxing, or sometimes it can be party music. It is a very nice form of music.
R. Kelly is a very popular R&B singer, that has often been featured in many rap songs, and he has featured many rappers as well.
by aguynamedandy August 09, 2005
abreviation for Persian Pride
Pp 4 Life! Persian pride worldwide.
by aguynamedandy September 27, 2005
Jesus was a Jew that lived in the Roman province of Judea. (Judah, Israel, Palestine). He was a good man. He would preach Judaism, and preach on some of his own philosophies. He claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, as foretold in the Hebrew Bible. Some Jews believed that he was the Messiah, but most Jews didn't believe him, because he had not proved it by fullfilling the Messianic prophecies. Then the Jews that rejected him began to call him a troublemaker, and the Roman authorities began to think that he was a man that would revolt against the Roman Empire. The Romans got pissed off and then tortured him, then killed him through the crucifixtion process. Then a bunch of Jews that actually believed that he was the Messiah, got scared and worried that Jesus was not the Messiah, so they went and created the idea that he was the Son of God (YHWH). Then upon believing Jesus was divine, then they assumed he was resurected and ascended into heaven, where he will return to earth from to fullfill the prophecies.
There are two religions that believe in Jesus, Christianity and Islam.
by aguynamedandy July 24, 2006
Same thing as Iranian.

A person that is from Iran. A person who has an Iranian background.

The main Persian religion is Islam, and the other religion right behind it is Judaism. There are few Christian Persians.

According to the U.S. government, all Persians as well as all of the Middle Easterners are classified as white (yes, even Indians), even though they really aren't. They should be classified as Middle Eastern.

The Persian Muslims are desendents of Indo-Europeans, or the Aryans, and they were white. But look at them, Persian Muslims don't have pale skin anymore (they are tan, and brown, possibly near black!), they don't have blonde hair anymore (its dark brown and black), and their eyes are brown and black now (not hazel and blue). They ARE NOT Arab!! They speak Farsi.

The Persian Jews, unlike Persian Muslims, are desendents of the Hebrews from Ancient Israel, and they are very close to the Arabs, but they are NOT Europeans. The Persian Jews are are NOT Aryan. They look the same as the Muslims from Iran, they are exactly the same, except of the religions and ancestory. But the same. Their skin colors are tan and brown as well. And NO, Persian Jews aren't cheap (ALL PERSIANS ARE CHEAP AT TIMES), and a lot of Persians need nose jobs themselves, not just the stereotypical "big-nosed" Jew. They speak the same Farsi as Persian Muslims.
Being Persian is the same exact same thing as being Iranian.
by aguynamedandy September 17, 2005

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