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One of the biggest cities in the world. Major ethnic groups are Mexican, Black, Iranian (especially Iranian Jews), Korean and White.
The City of Angels...Los Angeles
by aguynamedandy September 27, 2005
One who practices Judaism.
One who is Jewish.
Same thing as a Jew.
I know that you are a Jew, but I am gonna call you a Judaist.
by aguynamedandy November 20, 2005
you smoke it
it gets you high
you usually love it
dont smoke weed if your friends dont
you will lose them as your friends
...which is why i quit.
by aguynamedandy February 05, 2007
abreviation for Persian Pride.
P.p. 4 life! Persian Pride World Wide.
by aguynamedandy September 27, 2005
See: bullshit
Religion is brainwashing and unecessary.
Jews have been idiots thinking they are the "chosen people"
Christians have been stuck drinking the blood of Jesus everyday.
Muslims have been very unmodern and brutal to fellow humans.
Source of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia
Reason why Bush was reelected? Religion was.
Jew : Jesus didn't fullfill the messianic prophecies! And if Jesus was God how did her die on the cross? Hmm...
Muslim : No you idiots! Jesus wasn't killed! Allah put a fake Jesus on the cross and put the real Jesus in heaven.

.....Argument never ends until someone is shot......
.....Everyone....this is what religion does to you......
by aguynamedandy March 28, 2006
To all the dumbasses that call him a Wanksta:

Chamillionaire grew up in notoriously dangerous inner-city neighborhood in North Houston called Acres Homes
chamillionaire is the shit
by aguynamedandy February 06, 2007
RAPPERS ARENT THE SAME AS GANGSTA RAPPERS so why dont you ingorant retards learn about true rap before you say "rap is all about drugs, sex, and violence!"
dumbass bitches, learn about rappers.
by aguynamedandy September 28, 2005

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