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3 definitions by agtctae

A cute thing that a girl can do.
Girl #1 - Sir, can I please have a raise?
Boss - No, get out.
Girl #2 - Sir, can I please have a raise? *bites lips*
Boss - *flustered* Y-yes.
Do not use the lip bite technique on other women.
by agtctae March 04, 2014
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A noob that speaks Spanish. Very common users among games.
*Noob dies*
Noob: u perra noob u hack perra feo

Person: Spanish noob.
by agtctae February 13, 2014
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A term synonymous with "game console".

Commonly used with PC users, in their ongoing, endless war with console users.
Pleb - Let's play some GTA! I have my Xbox!
Windows user - Get that peasant box out of my sight, my PC has superior hardware.
Pleb - You wanna go? Fight me big boy.
Android user - My app > all of you.
by agtctae April 06, 2014
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