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a retarded asshole who accidentally shot himself in the chest when he was 12 (what a dumbass). claims that he is the greatest rapper alive and got everyone to believe him, but in reality hes killing hip hop and he doesnt even know it. other than drop the world, all he talks about is sex and women and money. he brags in every song and they all contain a line that goes something like, "I________ like ________." that isnt original. all of his fans consist of elementary/middle school kids who only listen to tabloids and whatever the news tells them. the retard raps with autotune, which is stupid, and he thinks that he can combine rap and rock, which can only sound pleasing to the ear if combined correctly. lil wayne cant do that. also, in order to be a rapper, you have to take your music seriously. u can also occasionally rap about sex and money and partying, but you still have to take your music seriously. lil wayne does not do that.
lil wayne sucks ass heres an example of his overused punchline: "Shawty says 'I lick her like a lollipop.'"
by ag1997 September 13, 2010
one of the most overrated bands in history. i dont hate them, and they influenced music, but they "didnt change music forever." their music is mediocre, and the only reason why they were the shit of the 60s is because they were considered to be the revival of rock and roll, just like how people consider nirvana to be the revival of rock music in the late 80s and early 90s, after it was taken over by pop and r&b and hip hop. and, ringo starr is a crapass drummer. btw, critics dont know any shit about music. the only reason why they say the beatles are so great is so tools can listen to them. AND STOP HATING ON PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE THEM, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, AND THEY DONT HAVE TO LIKE THE BEATLES, THEYRE JUST EXPRESSING THEIR PERSONALITY!!!!!. im not saying you cant like the beatles, just stop discriminating people who dont like the beatles.
real life:

1: "i rlly like the beatles"
2: "i dont"

whats supposed to happen:

1: "i rlly like the beatles"
2: "i dont"
1: "thats okay. just because we dont like the same music, that doesnt mean we cant get along"
2: "thats cool
by ag1997 July 25, 2010
a retarded self-centered "rapper" who owns Bad Boy Entertainment. biggie is pretty much the only talented person diddy ever discovered. he also has 'bout.......10 aliases, like come on diddy, HOW MUCH DO U NEED? JUST PICK ONE! and he just came up with a new one, known as "dirty money"
Diddy: "yo wassup guys? my name's Dirty Money"

1: "P. Diddy? i thought it was Diddy"

2: "i thought it was P. Diddy"

3: "i thought it was Sean John"

4: "i thought it was Puff Daddy"

5: "i thought it was Puffy"

6: "i thought it was Sean Combs"

by ag1997 August 12, 2010
a gangsta rapper who USED to be good back when get rich or die tryin' came out, but sold out when the massacre came out, and it was literally a massacre, and so was curtis and before i self destruct. hes known for getting shot multiple times and for being ripped, and ruins the whole gangsta image, and one of his aliases is the name of a car (ferrari f-50). WTF?!? i DO believe that he was a gangster, and that he was poor growing up, but i DONT believe that he was the baddest mofo in his "hood" in queens. if 50 didnt work with good producers such as dre and eminem, he wouldnt be shit. so if you hate eminem, or dre, but love 50 cent, then u dont know how 50 became famous.
50 cent sucks
by ag1997 September 20, 2010
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