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so drunk you want to get naked
Jon: WOOOO..lets get wasted!
Dave: Nah man..LETS GET STRIPSY!!!
Crowd of party goers: WOOOO!!!
by afrodude007 June 21, 2007
1.So hard core that it breaks the rules of spelling.

2.really really really really Crim.

(note that the word is pronounced as "hard" without an a sound and "core" without an o sound)
Bill: Hey Jim did you see that new video for Waking the Cadaver's new song?
Jim: yea that was sooo HRDCR!!!
by afrodude007 June 21, 2007
Awesome, radical, kool, sweet, ubber, and chill all in one word
James: Dude this party is crim.
Austin: hell yea it is!
by afrodude007 June 21, 2007

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