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Blantyre is a city in the southern part of Malawi. It is the commercial capital and largest city in Malawi, with a population of 658,037 in 2006. As opposed to the capital city, Lilongwe, Blantyre is very noisy and not too safe, although security has been tightened as of late. Being the economic powerhouse of the country, Blantyre has more job opportunities than in Lilongwe and most businesses are headquartered in Blantyre. Some of the notable companies are Carlsberg, Limbe Leaf, Unilever, Illovo, Colgate-Palmolive and many more.

The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), the country's state broadcaster and the provider of Malawi's only local television channel, has it's headquarters in Blantyre. The most watched sport in the country and in Blantyre is football (soccer), and the country's largest stadium, the Kamuzu Stadium (50,000 capacity) is in Blantyre.

Blantyre is home to the two most famous and successful football teams in Malawi, Big Bullets and MTL Wanderers. Big Bullets have won the title a record 11 times, while their arch rival MTL Wanderers have won it 5 times.

Blantyre, after the 'street clean-up' was done, was once again a clean city. The clean-up was a government led program to get rid of all street vendors and street crawlers for a safer and cleaner environment. Now the city streets are not so crowded with vendors on the side of the road, and major road developments have taken place to solidify Blantyre as the economic powerhouse. As a result of the many re-developments, many outside companies are settling in Blantyre seeing major potential in the city.

For the tourists, Blantyre is the center of tourism. The city has it's own attractions, such as the museum and the 4 mini mountains surrounding the city. But the main reason for being the center of tourism is it's closeness to the country's leading tourists spots, such as the Mulanje mountain which is a 45 minute drive from Blantyre, then theres the Zomba plateau which is also a 45 minute drive from Blantyre, and finally the Lake, which is a further 2-3 hours drive.
Ey yo man i wana go to Zomba next week.
-ok then, where u gonna chill till then
i dunno man, i want a place where i can have fun on weekends and just smell the sweet smell of motor fumes.
-haha Blantyre's for you man, big city life.
by afro man 101 September 04, 2007
Lilongwe is the Capital and 2nd largest city in Malawi. It lies in the central part of Malawi close to the Malawian border and also the borders of Mozambique and Zambia. Recently, as part of political restructuring, the parliament has been shifted to Lilongwe and all parliament members are required to spend time in the new capital. Lilongwe is now the political centre of Malawi, but Blantyre remains as the Economic capital. As opposed to the largest city, Blantyre, Lilongwe is politically stable, safe, and quiet. Many coffee shops, cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, and a large casino are located in Lilongwe, as a result many westerners will find the city to be accommodating and friendly. Despite the highly visible class differences, most of the city's residents go about their lives in relative harmony as opposed to Blantyre. Street crime is uncommon, but begging and street hustling are not.

As of 2006 the population stood just over 604,000. The city has many districts known as Areas. Areas are numbered, and range from one to fifty or more as the city grows - the City Centre is not numbered. The notable areas are;

City Centre- by far the most modern, developed area of Lilongwe. Many banks, diplomatic missions, exclusive hotels, airline offices and international corporate offices are located in City Centre.

Area 2: Old Town (North of A1) - Closest to the city centre; thriving commercial district, frequented primarily by locals; clothing, local food, western-style groceries, car parts, building supplies, vehicle repairs and accessories are available here; home to Lilongwe's main local market, three major mosques, and a sprawling mini-bus station.

Area 3 and Area 9: Old Town (West of A1) - West bank of the Lilongwe river; large, wealthy residential neighborhoods, expatriate bars, nice hotels, western style shopping and restaurants, private expatriate clinics.

Medium to low density residential areas are Areas 6, 12, 11, 43, 10, 44. There are also areas 15, and 18 which are medium to high density. Area 15 in particular has about 250 bangalows and houses the middle-class.

As of early 2007, Lilongwe has experienced a business boom as many businesses are relocating to Lilongwe, many of which were previously in Blantyre.

The city has 2 major football teams competing in the top division. These are Silver Strikers and Civo United, civo being the only lilongwe based team to win the super league title, the other being MDC United who are no longer in the top division.

Lilongwe is a beautiful city which is also very close to the country's top attraction, the Lake Malawi. So many tourists visiting the Lake mostly stop in Lilongwe for a couple of days before heading to the Lake side. There are 3 shopping malls and many grocery and accessory outlets throughout the city, mainly in area 3.
tourist- ey yo im goin to the lake next saturday, where you think i should go till then?
local boy- chill in lilongwe man, go to area 3 and check out the old town. Then check out the city centre, theres alot of clubs down there.
tourist- aight dawg ill check it out.
by afro man 101 September 02, 2007

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