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Underground Sex Machine.
A female, usually with lots of black eyeliner and a mohawk, who enjoys getting fucked hard.
"I am a USM."
"Drop ya pants."
"Fo' shizzle."
by Afro Man October 31, 2003
A cool street tagger who also pimps.
Whoa. Check that STD; his gear is stupid phat.
by Afro Man October 31, 2003
a place to store all sorts of unusual things ,can also be mistaken for a big bushy og climbing on somebodys head ,looks stupid on white boys or girls.
paul is a white boy with a silly afro.
its just wavy (replies paul)
commonly seen in ghetto films such as menace 2 society or boyz in the hood
by afro man July 18, 2005
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