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a high maintenance player in the kingdom of loathing
Bunnybabs needs a life.
by afriend February 28, 2005
Electronic wordDodo. An electronic version of the traditional wordDodo, and has steadfastly persevered in the traditions of the paper wordDodo, even in the face of being firewalled by USAFA administration (cadets are banned from access to the site, though there have been many workarounds to beat the censorship).
Check out the new eDodo. It's the schizzle fo rizzle.
by AFriend April 21, 2003
The Dodo is the 'underground' cadet humor magazine published at USAFA, co-opted by the Academy administration after one too many sharp barbs directed at them. Named for the now-extinct flightless dodo bird.
Hey, did you read the newest crappy paper Dodo?
by AFriend April 21, 2003
A mythical online persona whom enjoys dark damp holes, shots of Grand Marnier, and bathroom encounters with sweaty mexicans. Ocassionaly is know to deliver the famed dirty sanchez in true gophur style.
Don't go in there, you might get gophur'd
by afriend March 12, 2004
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