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A Brazilian soccer player.The greatest soccer player ever to play the game.Ronaldo's speed, dribbling ability and scoring instincts have made him widely regarded as one of the best players in the history of football.Ronaldo has also set a record of three FIFA World Player of the Year awards (1996, 1997 and 2002), since equalled by his Real Madrid team mate, Zinedine Zidane.
Many pundits predict if "Ronaldo" went through his career injury free he would have been the greatest player of all time.
by afghanthug May 19, 2006
President Bush's right hand man in the attacks(planned) of 9/11. He is a CIA member, and infact CIA's finest other than SADDAM HUSSIEN.
If you want your country to lose money but gain more attention, call osama bin laden. 1-800 BIN-LADEN
by afghanthug May 19, 2006

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