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Your mind
"We were trying to make up our rassoodocks with what to do with the evening" (ref: A Clockwork Orange)
by aeroplane June 11, 2003
Noun: an outlet that serves a milk-like drink that gives you energy, called "milkplus" Also known as a "milkbar"
"The Korova Milkbar was full of young devotchkas and dirty smelly vedheads" (Ref: A Clockwork Orange)
by aeroplane June 11, 2003
Is when you cannot figure out why a loved one, "usually a significant other in a tense situation" has done you dirty or just blatantly fucked up the whole scenario in question with the end result being your incarceration and that bitch Karen, "your significant other" being set free while you rot.
"I can't believe this!?! Why did you do this to me Karen?! Now I know how a Ray Liotta feels..."
#ray #liotta #karen #goodfellas #why!?
by Aeroplane January 24, 2015
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