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Location assigned or improvised to function as toilet, usually flushable.
He was looking around the crowded building for a sign pointing to the save point, when he lost control of his bodily functions and saved on himself.
by aernei July 10, 2008
A situation where a save point cannot be used and the need to save is continuous and uncontrollable.
Jerry: "So how did you like "Mr. Taquito's" burrito delight?"
Ben: "I had to auto-save all night!!"
by aernei July 10, 2008
The act of relieving oneself at the "save point" of bodily fluids and other (semi)dense substances, (may or may not involve flushing).

"Save point" can refer to any location assigned or improvised to function as toilet.

Expression derived from Wii game No more heroes where the save point is on the toilet.

She looked around nervously exclaiming: "Dude that burger went down too fast, I need to save like NOW!".

by aernei July 10, 2008

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