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Sadly, a rising star in these dark times for choosing terrible new actors. In all of her movies she either acts as a spoiled brat that you want to punch in the face, or some weird emo chick that you still want to punch in the face. She can easily ruin a movie when having a lead role.

Thank god Kristen Stewart had a very minor role in Into the Wild, I was ready to turn the movie off in response to her poser emo act.
#twilight #bella #actor #slut #annoying
by adudeplayinadude January 16, 2009
A master piece comedy released in Augst 2008 and it is starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black. It makes fun of actors like Eddie Murphy, Russel Crowe, and Sylvestor Stallon. The film is hilarious. If you liked Zoolander, then you would love Tropic Thunder.

Robert Downey Jr. did an amazing job being a dude playin a dude disguised as another dude in Tropic Thunder.
#robert downey jr. #ben stiller #jack black #iron man #actor #comedy
by adudeplayinadude January 15, 2009
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