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A small 1x9 island, in the edges of Narragansett Bay, RI. Jamestown- where you can have the crappiest house, and someone will still buy it for 2.8 million. Kids there have nothing to do but get stoned, jump off the docks, and chow down on the delicacies of cumbies and xtra mart. Alcholic soccer moms and yacht club dads produce grubby haired skateborading teenagers, who spend 115 bucks for ripped jeans, and reefs. A night out could contain walking to the playground and smoking in the tires, and a quick skinny dip off the dutch harbor docks. to get a local hook up, whip out your camera phone and call your next door neighboor. Later, you can post your drunken photos online. Parents form other towns in the state look down upon these poor rich kids, and forrbid their precious babies to visit for the night.
Kid from any other town: Hey mom, I'm heading to jamestown for the night.
Concerned parent: Oh, i don't think so. Those skateboarders might have some marijuana!!! And i think i saw their mother drunk at the oyster bar!
by adsf;klj October 13, 2005

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