17 definitions by adriana

a way to say "lets go den" or "bring it on" (used in terms of fighting)
Whats really good witchu, nigga.....heady up, lets go den!
by Adriana October 20, 2004
a really charming guy
The very studly dude was a total schmeker
by Adriana March 12, 2005
Huntington Park, a city near by L.A, known for being Tiujuana of Southern California and Home of The Worst Soccer Riots.
Hey, been to Huntington Park?
Yeah< it's nice for a piece of crap
by Adriana April 16, 2004
An attractive guy with dark skin.
Damn, Guillermo is one hot chocohunk.
by Adriana June 10, 2005
1.another name for rupert
2. A Rupert that sucks a lot of cock
Man, where's chupert?
He's probabyly sucking cock
oh, that's nice
by Adriana April 03, 2004
Male Strippers that entertain orstrip in Las Vegas and Reno
Man, when I go to Las Vegas, I'm gonna see the Chippendales live.
by Adriana June 10, 2005
a band that is good
hey look its slipkot
by adriana February 15, 2004

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