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1People who claim they are emo, but really have no problems.
2 Horny bastards that think they can get a chick by acting emo
3 the idiots you see at an emo show jumping up and down ( we dont jump retard)
4 A person who looks up emo on the internet and studies there culture and says that they know emo band members.
5 last and least people who want to be emo so bad that you can tell thats not the (Natasha!)
this is what and emo poser sounds like...
<emoposer> I hate my life im soo emo i might cut
<real emo> uh ok r u going to the concert tonight?
<emo poser> idk i might be to busy cuttng. I might go though, beacause i LOVE to have fun!
<real emo> fun.....
<emo Poser> ya my football jock boyfriend might come with me!
<real emo> get fucked you stupid bitch.
by adri_</3 May 27, 2007

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