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Leader of the deceptacons. The guy who mortally wounded Optimus, losing his identity to Unicron as an indirect result.
"As you should know by now, Megatron is very hard to kill," -Megatron
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
The product of Roadrunner Records, MTV, and post-grunge. It involves teenage angst-based lyrics, simple downtuned guitars, and gimmicks to distract from the deficiencies of the music.
Papa Roach, Mudvayne, Slipknot, etc
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
A decent song that got transformed into something amazing by Celtic Frost.
"Did you hear Frost's cover of Mexican Radio?" -Dave
"Yeah, it ripped," -Vicente Fox
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
The act of becoming fat, smelly, hairy, and sleepy.
"You've undergone some serious mexication as of late," -KKK Clansman
"I can't help it, it's a side effect of the Pill," Clasnsman's Wife
"FYI, you burn in hell for using birth control," -KK Clansman
". . ." -Wife
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
verb - The discarding of all technical virtuosity in music, the detuning of your instruments, the adoption of whiney or rapped vocals.

noun - An era whose only redeeming qualities were the destruction of hair metal and the creation of the fantastic Beast Wars cartoon. American music was taken over by Grunge, and again later by Rap, Nu-Metal, and post-grunge. None of these genres had any interesting technical arrangements, and most were filled with self-indulgent lyrics about angst, pain, and how much "life sucks".
Though it only lasted ten years, this decade has set music back nearly thirty years.
by AdmiralDavidov August 10, 2005
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