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1. An exclamation used when one is extremely frustrated over a situation or a person.

2. A threat of epic proportions implying severe consequences of someones stupidity.

A word created at #tvdafterdark by R.E.
A. "When someone tries to get between Ian & I OR when something is frustrating me BEYOND ALL REASON IMMACUTTABITCH!" #tvdafterdark R.E.

B. That moron just cut me off in traffic! IMMACUTTABITCH!

C. This computer is driving me crazy! If you don't fix it, IMMACUTTABITCH!

D. Or more severely, I'm going to cut the bitch.
by admat97 January 23, 2011
An incident that occurs when 2 people with magical powers, join forces and create powerful mind-blowing orgasms.
A. Vampire Diaries Bonnie does her Witchy Wuju Spell with Luca

B. When Bonnie and Luca joined hands they cast a spell that caused a windstorm. When Bonnie realized what was happening, she couldn't even contain herself. Looking around, she was so excited and breathless. In that one moment of sheer bliss, it was obvious she had a spellgasm.
by admat97 January 21, 2011

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