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When it is 4:20 (am or pm) and you don't have any weed to blaze, the closest thing would be to set a dandelion (common lawn weed) on fire. Dandelions are used for wishing. Therefore, a wish should be made at 4:20. These are generally more effective than 11:11 wishes, because marijuana actually has direct effects on people.
Person 1: it's 4:20, blaze it
Person 2: Time to make a weed wish!
by adlez July 06, 2015
Grand, amazing, fabulous. Often shortened to gr9, it's more than just "gr8"
Person 1: they should make a dvorak for touchscreens so that people will make less typos
Person 2: omg that would be grenine
by adlez September 06, 2013
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