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to put your ballsack or testies in a womens hairy vagina and have you penis or slong sitting overtop on their belly and then just sit wierdly and wait to se what happens
i was birdsnesting my mother last night and my dad walked in with my sister while they were birdsnesting upside down. ( isnt an example but its still pretty funny)
by adin butler and justin uglem December 03, 2011
it is when you masturbate/jerkoff untill you are about to cum/climax and then you put yur penis inside of a womens vaina and make sure she gets pregnate. there for you shake (jerk off) and bake (her being pregnante and baking the baby in the womb... lol)
fuck off with the example... and go shake and bake as soon as possible
by adin butler and justin uglem December 03, 2011

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