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what fat people eat when they are alone
Rahul: Where would you be with out me
STeven: Eating doritos in a dark corner
by adibidibi March 29, 2003
A term for a female reproductive organ and female breasts combined.
Have you seen Debbies Bojangos
by Adibidibi March 09, 2003
getting screwed over
Damn we lost, we got nubbedupthebutt
by Adibidibi March 09, 2003
A word used for either excitement or disaproval
Billy screamed adibidibi after he pulled the car out of the driveway and hitting a tree
by Adibidibi March 09, 2003
When a person is sleeping and another person sits on the sleeping persons face to get skid marks on there face.
AWWW! I got brown eye browed
by Adibidibi March 09, 2003
One he has oral sex
HE's a penis puffer
by Adibidibi March 09, 2003
One who explores the ass, and anal cavaties for one owns pleasure. Usually for gay men, that like men. Seriously, they have sex in the but.
The rump ranger relieved himself on Gary.
by Adibidibi March 04, 2003

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