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Someone who's attention is completely taken away from what they were doing when they see a cookie
John: did you understand number 3?
Adam: yea, you have to take the statistical mean of ... Coooooookie... sorry, the total sample size.
John: Damn son you got some massive Cookie ADD
by aderol April 27, 2010
Attention Deficit Dumbass Disorder: A spaz who is also retarded.
That idiot just headbutted the desk during the test he was failing. He must have ADDD.
by Aderol March 12, 2010
The word said by a retarded person when they have nothing better to say because they are retarded.
teacher: Adam, fucking pay attention you dumb ass, whats the answer to number 3?
Adam: ... ubu
by aderol April 15, 2010
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